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Scam Alert

The Fall River Police Department has issued a warning to the public as well as financial institutions regarding a scam which targets banking customers on social media. This particular scam targets users through Snapchat and offers money in exchange for the user opening a bank account. Once the account is created, the scammer establishes access and is able to withdraw money from the victim’s account. This could also potentially allow the victim to have their personal information compromised.


Never give your personal information to an unknown party. Scammers can spoof their phone numbers to appear like it is coming from your bank, the IRS or other party. If you are skeptical about a phone call you received asking for personal information, hang up and call directly to ensure the legitimacy of the call. Scammers may also contact you claiming you won a prize and just need to open a bank account or send money to them. A legitimate party will never request these tasks.


Email is a very popular platform for scammers to try to get information from you. Attackers can pose as a trusted person, or company to trick you into sending information. These emails can look very convincing at first glance. Always check the sender’s email address to verify their identity. If still skeptical, call the company with the number listed on their website to inquire about it.