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St. Anne's Credit Union Members Targeted for Phone-Based Phishing

There have been reports of members becoming targets in vishing scams. Vishing (phone-based phishing) involves one spoofing their phone number to appear the call is originating from wherever they please. It is a method commonly used to steal personal information from individuals as well as businesses.

Fraudsters are spoofing their phone numbers to make it appear like a call is coming from the victim’s credit union. When the member answers the call they will be told they need to confirm suspicious debit card transactions. The fraudster will then ask the victim to verify their CVV2/CVC2 code on the back of the card as well as the expiration date. Often, fraudsters will already have a copy of the victim’s card and need this information to reset their PIN number. Once they reset the PIN number, they are free to withdraw from the victim’s account.

Simply, never give any personal information over the phone. St. Anne’s Credit Union will never request this information from you, nor would we ever need it. If you receive a phone call requesting these details from you, just hang up. Still unsure? Call St. Anne’s Credit Union directly at 1-877-STANNES (1-877-782-6637) and ask to speak with our Deposit Operations Department to confirm the legitimacy of the call.