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Board of Directors

  • William Bouchard, Chairman
  • John Ledwidge, Vice Chairman
  • Simone Garant, Clerk/Treasurer
  • Jo Ann Bentley
  • Colleen Brady
  • Joseph Castonguay
  • Bruce Fernandes
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick
  • Bernard McDonald III
  • Albert Mercier


  • Eileen Danahey, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Peter Panaggio, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Carlos DaCunha, Senior Vice President, Chief Lending Officer
  • Michelle Marcos, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Robin Levesque, Vice President, Branch Administration
  • Richard Kane, Vice President, Commercial Lending Manager
  • Karen Skinner, Vice President, Compliance & Deposit Operations
  • Penelope Swallow, Vice President, Controller
  • Deborah Dion, Vice President, Information Services
  • Lee Zupkofska, Vice President, Marketing
  • Luisa Rochester, Vice President, Residential Lending
  • Paula Carvalho, Assistant Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Patricia Borba, Assistant Vice President, Audit
  • Kerri Rivest, Assistant Vice President, Loan Servicing


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