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1Whether or not your overdraft(s) will be paid is discretionary, and we reserve the right not to pay your overdraft(s) if your account does not meet the Credit Union’s criteria for the service as outlined in St. Anne’s Truth in Savings Disclosure. When the Credit Union pays an overdraft, you agree to bring the account to a positive balance within 35 days. Accounts with a sustained negative balance may be subject to closure and reported to consumer reporting agencies. Fees apply; see current St. Anne’s Fee Schedule. Fees charged for covering an overdraft, as well as the amount of the overdraft item(s) will be subtracted from your available Overdraft Privilege limit.
2Subject to eligibility requirements. Fees may apply. To opt-out call 1-877-STANNES or visit any one of our branches. Keep in mind when you opt-out your insufficient funds items will be returned to the payee and/or declined at the point of purchase unless you have Overdraft Privilege and Overdraft Privilege Plus available to cover the item(s). You will be charged the standard fee for all returned items. Although standard Overdraft Privilege is automatic once you meet the criteria stated in St. Anne’s Truth In Savings Disclosure, you must opt-in to Overdraft Privilege Plus. See St. Anne’s representative in branch for Truth in Savings Disclosure.
3The Overdraft Privilege program does not cover overdrafts caused by ATM and debit card transactions. Available to members who meet the criteria stated in St. Anne’s Credit Union’s Truth In Savings Disclosure. See St. Anne’s Credit Union representative in branch for Truth in Savings Disclosure.

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